Chigasaki is a growing coastal town located halfway between Tokyo and the Hakone resort area of Japan.
Famous for its beaches and neighborhood shrines, Chigasaki has a mix of both modern and traditional culture.
The population is about 234,000 as of April 1,2010.

A symbol of Chigasaki beach

The Ooka Echizen Festival is designated as one of the "50 Festivals of Kanagawa".
Ooka Echizen was a judge during the Edo era. He was known for his great character as well as his wide range of knowledge. 
After he died, he was awarded being recognized for his great achievements as a judge and a statesman. 
The award ceremony was conducted in front of his grave at Joken Temple in Chigasaki.

Every year on the day of the Ooka Echizen Festival, a ceremony is held at his gravesite. 
Then, people dressed in the style of the Edo era parade through the city of Chigasaki representing a Daimyo Procession (the travelling entourage of a feudal lord).
Ohoka Echizen -Sai Festival
Takes place in the middle of April.
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A temple famous for the grave yard of Ohoka Echizen-no-kami Tadasuke who is very famous for an administrator in the Edo era(1603-1867)

Hamaori Festival
(coming-down-to-the-beach festival) Takes place in the early morning of the Day of Sea,the third Monday in July.

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