As a part of the Japanese culture experience, we took French university students the Kite flying experience based on the cooperation of the Yanagishima Kite Association.

Date: July 7, 2018 15:30 – 16:30   Location: Yanagishima Shiosai Park

Participants: 7 French university students, Yanagishima Kite Association, Homestay group

Students gathered behind the building of Kinro kaikanby their own bicycle. Then, we went through the Shonan Coast Cycling Road by guiding the place of Chigasaki fishing port and the Beach Festival Hamaorisai (Shrine festival) and arrived at the Kite playing park.

At the park, the prepared “Hexagon Kite” was handed to students one by one. One or two persons of Yanagishima Kite Association helped each student to play the kite.As the wind was strong, the chain kite could not be raised.

The students seem to have been in trouble hitting kites with each other, or they could not fly a kite well. But, they enjoyed the kite. We were very thankful to everyone of Yanagishima Kite Association. They guided us the kite raising, and decorated the Japan-French flags at the park.

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