July 12, 2018 10am – 12am
Venue:Shorai An
with the Association of Japanese Culture

After we entered the Shoin (traditional Japanese residential) through the moist garden filled with rain the day before, male students wore Hakama (Japanese traditional skirt for men) and female students wore Kimono with the help of the members.After that, they cleaned their hands at Tsukubai (Stone wash basin) of alleys, enter the tea room from Nijiriguchi (a small entrance to the tearoom), and then they were served green tea in silence.

At first the students were nervous, but after drinking Matcha (Japanese tea) and eating Wagashi (Japanese sweets), they were talking with our staff members and asking questions about tea ceremony.

The moment of experience of Japanese culture will be unforgettable memories.

Commemorative photo taken with French college student, the Association of Japanese Culture, and host families

(H H)