International Association of Chigasaki (IAC) throws an annual Year-End Party in December. Last year, we were planning to hold it on Sunday 12 December at the Community Hall, 6th floor, City Hall Annex Building. Unfortunately however, it was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.
 Having discussed, the committee decided to hold a Year-End Party online instead at 14:00-15:30 Sunday 12 December.
 Here is the program of the party.
1) Quiz by Home-Stay Group
2) Puppet Show by Thursday Japanese Language Class
3) Violin and Piano Duets by Mr. and Mrs. Sakai
4) Let’s Bon Dance by Bon Dance Club (Hawaii Ondo Dance and Aka Tombo Ondo Dance)
5) Closing – Sing in Chorus conducted by Ms. Isa
 Prior to the opening, the committee members rehearsed the event checking Wi-Fi, monitors, and so on. The party was hosted by 2 emcees and 2 technical staffs supported them at the headquarters established in the Play Room of the Support Center.
 IAC members enjoyed the party from home using their computers or smartphones. Sunday Japanese Language Class teachers and students also joined the party from Chigasaki City Library using a big screen in the conference room.
 At many IAC members and students of Japanese Language Classes, the event was rewarding.