On July 29th (Sat.), from 2 p.m., a farewell party was held at the Chigasaki Center for Promotion of Gender Equality for the three male and three female French university students that have stayed in Chigasaki for three weeks from July 9th.

Starting with an opening speech from the person in charge of the homestay group, lead by the person in charge of the Sunday Japanese language classes, each of the 6 students came out one by one, and using the Japanese they improved during their stay at the Sunday Japanese language classes, gave a speech in Japanese about their life during their stay and their impressions of Chigasaki.

Each one of the students was well prepared and did so skillfully. After the speeches, each student was handed a certificate marking their completion of their Japanese studies from the board chairman.

Afterwards, the students lined up at the tables with their host families and IAC members and had drinks and snacks and took part in bustling conversation, with the event finishing around 3:30.

On the morning of the 30th, the students separated into Chiba and Hakone and headed for their next training place.

Photos by: T.I.

Written by: T.I. and Zachary Hillenbrand