On July 22nd (Sat.), The “Get Together! Tsurumine Play Space” event was held at the Tsurumine Community Center.
Every summer, the community center offers to give children a bit of experience with foreign cultures through crafts and quizzes.

This time, as next winter’s Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, Korea, the theme was “Korea,” and participants made small containers out of thick paper decorated with Korean hanji characters.

The participants were also taught how to write their names in hangul and simple greetings in Korean by Lee Jung-hee in collaboration with the International Understanding Education lessons for middle schools.

There were about 50 particpants. Among the moms who found themselves in a trance enjoying themselves beside the children immersing themselves with choosing their favorite Hanji and creating their small containers just as they like, the embarrassing and hard to say “I love you,” or “사랑해요 (salanghaeyo),” left an impression of a father practicing very hard.


Photos by: Y.U.

Written by: Y.U. and Zachary Hillenbrand