Date: July 7, 2018 (Sat) 18: 30 ~ 20: 30
Location: Large conference room of 4th floor in Ikoria

Seven French university students have stayed in Chigasaki this year as well.
Approximately 60 people including family members of the host family and IAC members gathered and a welcome party was held.

After the introduction of 9 host family members and students, the director of IAC did the greeting. Then, the welcome party was started with a Kanpai (cheers) of one host family.
IAC homestay group staffs prepared dishes, drinks, etc.

Five members of “Yanagishima Kite Association” also participated with wearing Happi (Workman’s livery coat) and decorated some kites in the party room.Also, a teacher who took care at Bunkyo University participated with her family.

A daughter of a host family showed hula dance and French university students danced together.
After enjoyed the bingo game as an attraction, the students photographed with wearing the T-shirt gifted from IAC.