Sunday Japanese language group of IAC held Japanese classes to seven French university students who are staying in Chigasaki from July 1st, 2018 for 3 weeks.

Location:Danjo Kyodo Sankaku (Gender equality promotion) center 4F meeting roomand Chigasaki city hall branch office building 5F meeting room.

Date: July 2 (Tue) – July 20 (Fri) 10 – 12 am and 1-3 pm

Participants: 7 French university students, Sunday Japanese language group

Textbooks: Minna no Nihongo Elementary 1, Section 14 to 25.

Teaching method: Divided into A class (3 students) and B class (4 students)

Students studied Japanese seriously. Students always asked questions to the teacher when they could not understand and sometimes students were talking with each other to understand it.

When there are some words and phrases that they have not yet learned, we teach them while translating them into English. They studied Japanese happily.

On the July 17th (the day of this picture), we held the class in the Japanese style room of Ikoria. The students were not familiar with sitting, so that they were sitting their favorite style using Zabuton (Japanese cushions).