Seven French university students are staying in Chigasaki city from July 1st, 2018 for three weeks. As a part of the Japanese culture experience, we took them Zazen experience and Kamakura sightseeing on July 4 (Wednesday) based on the cooperation of the Japan-French Association of Kamakura and the priest of Jochi temple.

Students had a good time in the temple by doing the Zazen and talking together with the priest about Zazen and Japanese culture etc. And they enjoyedthe Japanese lunch at the temple.

After JOCHI temple, we guided them from the North Kamakura to Kamakura Great Buddha (Kotokuin by walking the Genji mountain hiking course together with the Japan-French Association of Kamakura. Students took their pictures with the big Buddha and were listened our explanation. We went into inside the Big Buddha and we explained the casting method of Buddha. The student is an engineer major, so theylistened interestingly and observed theinternal structure.

After that, we guided them to Hase temple. Students were interestingly sightseeing the Hose Kannon which is the eleventh face Kannon, the view from the observatory of Kamakura city, Benten Caves, etc.