Sunday afternoon, May 19, 2019, the Big Parade of the Ôoka Echizen Festival took us on a trail around the city of Chigasaki.  The Ôoka Echizen Festival is one of Chigasaki’s four major festivals, and this year marked its 64th anniversary.  The festival is usually held in April, but this year, it took place in May because of the nationwide local elections in April.
(See also an article on the Japan Times.)

Students from IAC’s Japanese Language Classes in the costumes of Samurai, Ninja, and Sakura-Dance participated in the parade.  The parade of the Honolulu Sister-City Relationship Association was followed by a group of the Bon Dance called Hawaii Ondo, where three IAC members joined.

This year, Mr. Hikaru Sato, the Mayor of Chigasaki and the advisor of IAC, performed Ôoka Echizen, the leading part of the parade.  Commemorative group photos were taken with him at Chigasaki Elementary School as well.

It was a hot but beautiful day and we all enjoyed the parade.