IAC held its Regular General Meeting at the Chigasaki City Community Hall 6F on June 1, 2019.
Having been facilitated by the Secretary-General, the meeting started with words of the Chief Director.
Hikaru Sato, the Mayor of Chigasaki, and Seiji Mizushima, the chairperson of the Chigasaki City Council, delivered greetings as guests of honor.

The meeting proceeded with the appointment of the chairperson, the report of the activity, the settlement of the account and audit reports for the previous fiscal year, and the discussion of the activity plan and budget for the current fiscal year.  All the items on the agenda were approved by the participated members.

After the meeting, a discussion session was held.  The participated members were divided into 4 groups and exchanged opinions about IAC’s future.  Each group developed a vision and made a presentation of the result of the discussion.

The session was concluded with a closing speech of the Chief Director.