On September 19th at Chigasaki Gender Equality Promotion Center IKORIA, IAC held a Disaster Prevention Seminar for Foreigners.  It was the first joint project of the International Marriage and Child-Raising Circle and the Thursday Class of Japanese Language, and held as one of the Informative Workshops for Citizens administrated by the Lifelong Culture Learning Section of Chigasaki City.

The lecturer, Mr. Takuya Ezumi, from the Anti-Disaster Section, mainly talked about:

  1. Disaster prevention at home
  2. Evacuation areas
  3. Survival kit

He also used illustrations and figures showing on a projector screen during the lecture, so that it was easy to understand.  Also, the lecture was given in simple Japanese, and English and Chinese translation was provided because some of the participants are not confident enough in understanding Japanese.

At the end of the workshop, a staff member showed her own survival kit as an example of how you prepare your survival kit.