Sunday 16 October, The 2nd Ukraine Supporting Event
Only 2 days to go to “Stand with Ukraine – Art and Craft Show & Public Talk”
The war in Ukrain is reported by press every day but how much do you know about Ukraine?
Having looked at the beautiful Ukrainian arts and crafts such as “Pysanka” and embroidery, we thought about Ukrainian people and their lives. Let’s learn about them and know they are under the constant threat of attack.
Please come and join us at the event 10am-5pm, Sunday, 16 October. Just stop by when you go shopping or play at the park. The Art and Craft Show has demonstrations with the artist. If you have time, please learn their history, culture and the current situation at the Public Talk not through the news photos but through the ordinary citizen’s point of view.
We collect your support messages and donations to help provide essential items to refugees and those in need.
(Please check here for the details of this event)
Still some seats available for the Public Talk. (11am-/3pm-)
For the infection control purpose, you have to fill in your name and contact number at the event venue. Please understand.
The event was announced in the Asahi Shimbun (picture), the Kanagawa Shimbun, and on the radio program by Ms. Tomomi Shimizu.
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