MEF (Mitsui Education Fund) Australian university students stayed in Chigasaki for the first time in three years.
On Friday, November 25, they visited Heiwa Gakuen and Aletheia Shonan Junior and Senior High School for a day of exchange with the students.
On Saturday, November 26, at Umikaze Terrace, the students experienced an introduction to Japanese culture (tea ceremony and kimono dressing) in the morning, followed by a welcome party in the afternoon, where they enjoyed dancing and playing the Tsugaru Shamisen and were presented with IAC T-shirts at the end.
MEFオーストラリア大学生2022 MEFオーストラリア大学生2022MEFオーストラリア大学生2022 MEFオーストラリア大学生2022MEFオーストラリア大学生2022
They left Chigasaki early in the morning on Monday, 28th, after being seen off by their host families.
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