On Saturday, December 10, 2022, an international understanding lecture entitled “Preparing for Global Society”-what I experienced from 40 years of working abroad-was held in the main conference room of ICORIA, the Center for the Advancement of Gender Equality.
Mr. Tsugio Nishi, an IAC member, spoke on the theme of how we should respond to the global society that has already begun, based on his own experience of working overseas.
Mr. Nishi has worked for Sanden Corporation and other companies, and has been stationed abroad for 40 years from his youth until recently. He has been stationed in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, France, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries, and has traveled around the globe twice. In each of these countries, he has been involved in building factories, installing equipment, hiring staff, and setting up production. He talked about the differences in national character and culture that he learned through these activities, how he understood these differences and dealt with people, the importance of explaining one’s intentions repeatedly until the other person understands them, and other points that he has worked on in his work and daily life.
The lecture featured an “interactive lecture. Participants were asked to choose the correct answer from three colors of origami paper (red, yellow, and purple), and the quiz was well received.
The course was a chance for participants to think together about how to respond to global society.
We felt that such interactive lectures would be good in the future as appropriate.
As in the past, this international understanding lecture was hosted by the International Association of Chigasaki and co-sponsored by the City of Chigasaki.

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Speaker Tsugio Nishi and his book

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