On March 26, we(IAC Ukrainian Exchange Group) held a tea party with a supporter of evacuees from Ukraine, Chigasaki Central Rotary Club, and Ukrainians living in Chigasaki, Odawara, and Fujisawa to report each other on recent activities.

Ms.Varvara, an artist evacuated from Ukraine to Chigasaki, Started learning calligraphy “Shodo” in Chigasaki and created a work of art on a large truck of a concrete company. The work, wrote “Love & Peace” in Ukrainian, are created with artistic brush strokes and had a strong impact.

The main of the party was “Tertie Pilif” (means grated cake) baked by Ms. Kseniya, who is an excellent cook and also evacuated from Ukraine. We also prepared black rye bread and toppings. Now she started to work in the Restaurant.

The cherry blossoms were just in full bloom, we recited#recitation together “Evening” by Taras Shevchenko, a famous Ukrainian poet an idea from our member Mr.T.
And next, We had a RSP game! Ukrainian rock-scissors-paper is same as in Japan or others. “Goo✊”=”камінь” (kaminu = stone) ,”Choki✌”=”ножиці” (nozhichy = scissors) ,”Par✋”=”папір” (papyrus = paper), but here is in Japan, We call to action “Saisho wa Goo, Janken Pon!”(Goo first! Janken Pon!), it was a very lively call.
We also watched with a Ukrainian movie by a actor Japanese and video for past events for about Ukraine.
The party was a great success!

The Ukrainian exchange group has started exchanges not only with Chigasaki but also with Ukrainians who live nearby. If you are interested in our activities, please feel free to contact us.
Jerk Yu! Дякую ! (thank you)




Beside the house, the cherry’s flowering,
Above the trees the May bugs hum,
The ploughmen from the furrows come,
The girls all wander homeward, singing,
And mothers wait the meal for them.

Beside the house, a family supper,
Above, the evening star appears,
The daughter serves the dishes here;
It’s useless to advise her, mother, 
The nightingale won’t let her hear.

Beside the house, the mother lulls 
The little children for the night,
Then she, too, settles at their side.
And all is still... Only the girls 
And nightingales disturb the quiet.

Translated by Vera Rich
Source of the original poem in Ukrainian:
Taras Shevchenko. Zibrannja tvoriv: U 6 t. — Kyjiv, "Naukova dumka", 2003. 
Том 2: Поезія 1847 - 1861, stor. 11 - 20; stor. 549 - 570. 

Source of English translation of the poem: Taras Shevchenko."Song out of Darkness". 
Selected poems translated from the Ukrainian by Vera Rich. London, 1961, p. 88.