As a part of learning, IAC Sunday Japanese Class holds experiential events to help the students learn about Japanese culture. On February 12th (Sunday), we held a kimono and tea ceremony experience workshop at Shoraian in Takasuna Ryokuchi. In consideration of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the number of participants was limited, and a total of 10 students were divided into two groups to enjoy the experience workshop.

The students were fascinated by the Kimono (Furisode and Montsuki Hakama), which they were wearing for the first time, and posed for photos while strolling through the garden, full of smiles and excitement. Many good photos were taken.

In the tea ceremony, they began with the proper way of entering a tea room, which involves purifying the hands with water and entering through a small door (so called Nijiri-Guchi). They then enjoyed traditional Japanese sweets and matcha, and seemed to fully enjoy the etiquette of tea ceremony despite being confused by the Japanese-style Seiza sitting posture.

After the workshop, the students asked many questions, such as
“Why is the entrance to the tea room small?”
“What does it mean to purify oneself with hand water?”
“What is the meaning of the words ”Matsu ni ko kon no iro nashi” written on the hanging scroll (Kakejiku) ?”
“Why do you turn the tea bowl twice before drinking?”
“Why should you not step on the edge of the tatami mats?”

Very glad to hear these questions, which seems that they became interested in Japanese culture through this experience.
I hope that they will cherish the feelings and things they learned from this experience forever.

(Tomoko Yagawa, IAC Sunday Japanese class)